Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CVS Haul


So I decided to stop at CVS today to see if I could find Milani Hi-Res, a purple holographic, to complete my Milani 3D Holographic collection. Well I found it, along with 18 other colors!

In this picture:
Sally Hansen - Hi-Res, Three D, Lite, Pixel Pretty, BLU, and Digital
Milani - Hi-Res, Purple Passion, Ruby Jewels, and Gems
Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty and Lavender Cloud
NYC - Chinatown, Greenwich Village, West Village, Penn Station, Midtown
Essie - Coat Azure and French Affair

The best part about all of this is I only paid about forty dollars for all of it! Just to give you an idea of how well I made out, on my receipt it says I saved $62.15! I definitely suggest going out to your local CVS if you are looking to expand your nail polish collection.

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